Ron E

Ron E., a recent therapy graduate, came to us with a broken femur 3 weeks after suffering a previous broken femur on his other leg from slipping on ice over the winter. While trying to rehabilitate at home, he had passed out and fell breaking his other leg. After surgery, he found himself needing the skilled nursing services that the MediLodge of Port Huron Wellness Center could provide.

For a gentleman who was used to doing everything himself, it was hard to have to rely on strangers to help him with every day activities. However, Ron and his family were greeted with warm, friendly faces and encouraged to participate however they were comfortable. “We really liked the freedom that MediLodge of Port Huron gave us to help take care of him”, his daughter stated. Having his family able to be there and help, made Ron feel better about his recovery. They really got to know many of the staff and appreciated how helpful they were. The everyday care helped them learn how to assist Ron when he returned home, it helped the whole family to be on the same page.

Even though Ron and his family were busy with therapy, they were able to participate with some of the many activities offered. “We really enjoyed getting to know the other people and Lodgers here, everyone was so friendly” Ron says. “We made Easter Eggs, listened to music and made hats. Ron explains “At first, it was painful just to move my legs a little, but after just 7 weeks, I can now walk around the whole building on my own.” The staff really proud of Ron’s progress as well. We enjoyed having Ron as a Lodger. “He is always smiling and joking and willing to work hard to get back home. It’s nice to see him come so far” states Jessica Jones, Marketing Director. “I think Ron now has the skills to go home and continue his therapy safely and with the knowledge of how to help him get healthy and strong again.”

Ron also had compliments about the food. The food was really good and they even made special arrangements to accommodate his preferences. Ron’s wife and daughter often ate meals with him and commented “they sure give you plenty of food and it we especially liked the beef tips and burgers. They even found us ice cream when we requested it.”

Ron really grew to become part of the MediLodge team and we will miss him. Congratulations, Ron, for getting back on your feet and on the road to recovery!

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