Timothy B.

Timothy B. was more than happy to come back to MediLodge of Port Huron when he found himself in need of therapy after recovering from a stroke. Mr. B. had a great experience last time and felt very comfortable returning. Timothy had some pretty ambitious goals to develop his strength and tolerance on a more aggressive schedule so that he could attend an important event in just a few weeks. He worked well with therapy staff to push himself in a safe and managed pace. “I would push myself and do more than was required, but the staff would supervise me and make sure I wasn’t hurting myself either”. This time at MediLodge, he has been able to recover quicker and with more strength than before.
Timothy enjoyed the comfortable room and really valued his privacy. He appreciated the free WiFi so he could use his computer and phone without any issues. Although he did not take part in the many social opportunities offered at MediLodge of Port Huron, he took advantage of the time to work on his hobby of detailed model figurines.

Everything was attended to in a comfortable and acceptable way, says Timothy. “I even got hooked on the Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. I appreciated the flexibility in the meals and the staff would even accommodate an occasional late night snack. Food was delicious and on time.” Overall, Timothy will be attending his event on time and stronger than ever, thanks to his dedication and the caring staff at MediLodge of Port Huron.

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